Julbo Trek Mountaineering Sunglasses J4375053

£180.00 £129.85

Julbo Trek Mountaineering Sunglasses J4375053

Colour: Titanium / Aniseed Green | Lens Type: Cameleon NXT | Lens Colour: Brown

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Julbo Trek Mountaineering Sunglasses J4375053 | Designer Sunglasses UK


The Trek’s mission is simple: to achieve optimum performance while moving fast in extreme environments by providing highly technical, yet lightweight eyewear. For those committed to the outdoors via mountaineering, climbing and trail running, the Trek is the perfect-combination of technical mountaineering principles and lightweight performance ergonomics. Detachable shields block lateral rays from intense glare as well as offer superior ventilation when necessary. Julbo’s Flex Nose design and 360° adjustable temples provide optimum hold. It’s available with either the Cameleon or Zebra lens for optimal visibility and protection against intense sunlight from desert to glacier conditions. Purely Julbo.


  • Full Venting | Aerated structure that allows complete air circulation to avoid fog.Julbo-logo---Designer-Sunglasses-UK
  • Adjustable Strap | Hold and security. Strap length can be adjusted.
  • 360° adjustable temples | Can be bent in every direction allowing for a custom fit
  • Removable Side shields | Side protection against harsh sunlight.
  • Removable Sweat Blocker | Foam insert absorbs moisture that could impede visibility.
  • Total Cover | Maximum protection in extreme conditions against harsh sunlight.
  • Flex Nose | Adjustable nose piece for perfect fit, adherent material for optimal hold in all situations.
  • Front Venting | Natural front air flow due to the lens shape or mounting structure
  • RX Clip | Julbo offers a prescription clip-on. RX Clip Adaptable to different sunglass frames, removable when needed.
  • Asian Fit | the ergonomics of the frame are adapted for Asian facial shapes.
  • RX Trem | The frame can be equipped with corrective solar lenses.
  • Optical clip | Ideal for those who require optical correction and do not wish to wear contact lenses, can be removed if


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