Great Sunglasses for Soaking up the Festival Spirit Designer Sunglasses UK

Great Sunglasses for Soaking up the Festival Spirit

Great Sunglasses for Soaking up the Festival Spirit

It’s common knowledge your average music festival is essentially a small town (If you’re going to Glastonbury this year, it’s a temporary town the size of Oxford). It’s just you and thousands of people from all walks of life thrown together in a couple of fields, under a few tents.
For any self-respecting festival goer, what you wear has become almost as important as the music you listen to. Whatever the look, festival goers always, always accessorize with shades. Don’t leave the tent, yurt or tipi without them.

The glampers

You may have splashed out on a couple of nights in a yurt or luxury tipi, have brought your own camper, or slummed it with everyone else but with a better tent (glamping is an attitude you know). Either way, you’ve brought your creature comforts to a field somewhere in the British countryside and you’re bringing your own inimitable style to the music festival experience.
Equipped with all the basic essentials: large tent, folding seating, a couple of boxes of decent red wine (box discardedVersace-Butterfly-Sunglasses-VE4264B-GB1-11-Black to save space), sunscreen, pair of Hunter wellies and Versace butterfly sunglasses. This isn’t a music festival, it’s a holiday. Raise a plastic glass of red wine to the joy of the British summer.

The bevvies

You’ll no doubt come across a group of lads (they are always in packs) who are prepared for nothing: neither sun nor rain. Come thunderstorm or sunstroke they’ll be in their board shorts and (maybe) a t-shirt, with a beer in each hand.
They’ll be just as prepared to lie in a lake of mud as a warm patch of grass, and will be happy to both jump around in the dance tents and sway to the anthems. But throughout the day their Ray Ban aviator style sunglasses or Oakley sports glasses will always be on the end of their nose, because…hangover, and looking cool.

The fashionista

A music festival is the perfect opportunity to glam up these days. Go boho like Selena Gomez or Kylie Jenner at Coachella, or rock chic like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung. Of course these ladies don’t have to sleep in a tent for a couple of days, so if you want to rock the look you have to get clever.

For rock chicks, dry shampoo is a must and a pair of classic black rimmed Versace sunglasses to cover your poor partied eyes. If you’re going for the boho look, a large brimmed hat and oversized tortoise shell Ray Ban Jackie OHH sunglasses should just about cover up everything you need to hide after 3 days partying.

Enjoy music festivals in style

What you wear won’t detract from the music, but you definitely want to get to any festival prepared. Music festivals are selfie heaven and the chances are you’re going to be all over your friends’ social media feeds for a couple of days.
Go prepared for a party and for the inevitable effects of three days in the sun, eating fast food and drinking alcohol. Although you can’t buy the sun with your ticket, you are definitely buying a good time.

By Sharon Coleman

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